Be Ye Doers of the Word and Not Hearers Only Start Doing

Christian Journey Fall 2017

Wednesdays 7:00 to 8:00 p.m., Michaux House,

Room 304

This engaging series invites deeper inquiry into issues relevant to the ongoing faith journey of adults. See the full Fall Study Guide here.

Contact:   Hilary Streever, 355-1779 ext. 317

Fall 2017 schedule:

September 13

Get to Know our New Rector with the Rev. Dr. John McCard

You are invited for another opportunity to get to know and welcome the Rev. Dr. John McCard.

September 27

Til We Have Faces: C.S. Lewis’ Last Novel and the Dangers of Love with the Rev. Dr. John McCard

C.S. Lewis’ last novel, Till We have Faces was a complete flop when it was published in 1957. Having gained worldwide fame through his Narnia stories for children, most people did not know what to make of this curious retelling of the Greek myth of Cupid and Psyche. Lewis’ intriguing novel explores the limitations of human love and how that love can be distorted by the jealousy and envy of our fallen human nature. Come and learn more about the novel that Lewis considered to be his best and that some scholars speculate was co-written with his wife, Joy Davidman Lewis.

October 4

Camino Tales: Stories from the Camino with the Rev. Dr. Mark Cooper, the Rev. Hilary Streever, and the St. James’s Camino Peregrinos

Why do Christians go on pilgrimage? What is the point of pilgrimage? Often, the answers lie in personal stories and encounters along the way. Come hear first-hand accounts from our pilgrims who traveled el Camino de Santiago – the Way of St. James – both the 2014 walkers and the 2017 cyclists.

October 11

Celtic Christianity with the Rev. Dr. Bob Friend

Before there was the Church of England, there was the Church in England — and Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Who brought Christianity to the British Isles? Where did the first communities develop? What made this branch of Christianity unique and what connected it with the rest of the universal Church? What can we learn from it today? Come learn about the origins of the Church in the British Isles. This class is recommended in particular for those walking the Way of St. Cuthbert in June 2018.

October 18

Celtic Christians: The Story of Lindisfarne, St. Aidan and St. Cuthbert with the Rev. Hilary Streever

Building off of October 11’s class, we go deeper with the particular stories of St. Aidan, who founded the monastery at Lindisfarne on the Holy Island, and his protégé, St. Cuthbert. This class is recommended in particular for those walking the Way of St. Cuthbert in June 2018.

November 1 & 8

Truth to Power with the Rev. Dr. Mark Cooper

How does your faith affect how you engage in our daily world? As a follow up to his popular summer series, The News & the Good News, Mark Cooper will facilitate prayerful and respectful discussion, celebrating the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s 95 Theses and Al Gore’s latest book Speaking Truth to Power as a launching point for conversation.

November 29, December 6 & December 13

Living the Joy of God with the Rev. Dr. Bob Friend

How do we position ourselves to experience God as a primary factor in our lives? What is our routine or “rule of life?” How does quietness of spirit, playfulness and sense of transfiguration bring us close to the numinous Holy God in our lives? As we live into the spirit of Advent, let us consider these important questions together.

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