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Youth Mission Trips

Mission Trips

Missions offer a unique and exciting opportunity for youth to see places and meet people they might not have ever had the chance to otherwise. It’s also a chance for youth to grow deeply spiritually, giving back to complete strangers, bonding with people they may have just met or may have known their whole life, and learning new skills. They are truly one of a kind trips (at least until your second one), and range in location from inside Richmond to Central America. Find out more below!

Youth Specific Missions

These are missions that are only for youth, and there are different trips for different ages. The mini mission for 6th through 8th grade is 4 days long while the Senior high mission is a full week.

Parish Wide Mission Trips

There are also mission trips open to the entire congregation that youth are encourage to come on. These trips are very different from the youth only trips, and offer opportunities for parents to join in with their youth.

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